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Are you looking to buy a present but are unsure or just totally confused by all the fishing terminology. Are you starting out fishing and still have things to get to grips with? This should solve some of those problems for you. If it doesn't then just contact us and we'll answer any questions that you have as best we can.


Barbless hook - A type of hook which does not have a barb near the end. Barbless hooks are easier to catch in the lip of a fish and also makes it easier to unhook a fish unharmed. Many lakes and rivers don't allow hooks with barbs to be used.


BB on reels - This refers to the number of ball bearings in the reel to help it run smoother.


Bite alarms - These are technological devices. You lay your rod so that the line is on the bite alarm. As a fish picks up your bait and gets hooked line passes through the bite alarm which gives off a series of beeps to let you know that you have a fish.


Blanking - Means you went fishing an didn't catch a single fish.


Coarse fishing - Coarse fish are those fish found in freshwater other than game fish (trout, salmon an char). Course fishing is fishing for those type of fish.


Groundbait - Bait that you put into the water so it sits on the bottom and attracts fish. You can fire grounbait out or put it inside pva or on a feeder to keep the groundbait very close to your hook.


Hair rig - Simply put it is an extra piece of line with a small loop in the end, that is tied off the bend of a hook. A hair rig allows you to put bait on this line so that the hook is free to catch into a fishes lip.


Legering - Fishing on the bottom using a heavier weight.


Match fishing - Competitive situation where anglers catch as many fish as they can (usually a 5 hour competition). The winner is the angler with the heaviest weight of fish. Competitions run from junior age through to pro level.


Method feeder fishing - See our article in the blog section.


Monofilament line - Typically made from nylon.  It is a single strand of line an comes in different diameters and strengths.


PVA - A water soluble plastic. It has been made up into string and bags, that can be used to attach groundbait to your rig. This is a newer method of fishing that is very successful.


Quiver tip - A special type of rod tip used to detect bites when ledgering.  It has a very sensitive tip that curves over when a fish pulls on the fishing line.


Rig - Simply your combination of weights and hook set-up. As you can imagine there are nowadays many different ways to set things up.


Stalking - This is when you apply stealth to catching fish by walking to find them and targetting the fish. This is often done on the surface using bread or dog biscuits.


Swim - The place that you are fishing.


Test curve - This is an indication of the rods strength. A test curve of 2 to 3lb is ideal for uk carp fishing. On a method feeder between 1.5 an 2lb will deal with big carp. You do not want a high test curve rod if you are fishing for smaller fish or you will lose the feel in the rod.