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By Fishing your way, May 12 2015 08:52PM

Fishing your way are not putting this article together as something new. Zig-rig fishing has been around for a little while now, but the majority of anglers that I talk to haven't ever tried it. When asked why? It's usually a confidence thing... they're not comfortable with it. Zig rig fishing, at first glance, looks like a strange way to fish but I assure you that it is bloody deadly when done correctly.

I haven't really done that much zig rig fishing, so I decided to commit to only fishing with that technique the next time I went out... the results were outstanding. In a 5 hour session, I bagged 8 carp all in the 19lb - 24lb mark. A great session agnling. Here is all that I did...

I fired dog biscuits out using a 'spomb' in different areas of the lake until carp started feeding on the surface - that didn't take long at all. On this particular day, carp were feeding just off the point of an island that was on a gradual slope from 6 to 12 feet in depth. I set-up 2 zig rigs and set them both to 7 feet in depth. As I was using dog biscuits I wanted my hook bait to look similar. I used a 15mm pop-up boilie of similar colour that I chopped down to look like a dog biscuit. The diagram below shows the simple fishing tackle set-up used to fish the zig rig:

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