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By Fishing your way, May 12 2015 08:52PM

Fishing your way are not putting this article together as something new. Zig-rig fishing has been around for a little while now, but the majority of anglers that I talk to haven't ever tried it. When asked why? It's usually a confidence thing... they're not comfortable with it. Zig rig fishing, at first glance, looks like a strange way to fish but I assure you that it is bloody deadly when done correctly.

I haven't really done that much zig rig fishing, so I decided to commit to only fishing with that technique the next time I went out... the results were outstanding. In a 5 hour session, I bagged 8 carp all in the 19lb - 24lb mark. A great session agnling. Here is all that I did...

I fired dog biscuits out using a 'spomb' in different areas of the lake until carp started feeding on the surface - that didn't take long at all. On this particular day, carp were feeding just off the point of an island that was on a gradual slope from 6 to 12 feet in depth. I set-up 2 zig rigs and set them both to 7 feet in depth. As I was using dog biscuits I wanted my hook bait to look similar. I used a 15mm pop-up boilie of similar colour that I chopped down to look like a dog biscuit. The diagram below shows the simple fishing tackle set-up used to fish the zig rig:

By Fishing your way, Mar 24 2014 02:00PM

It is important to understand the habits and influences that affect the fish that you are fishing for. FIshing tackle science and other vital fishing knowledge are very important, but for one of our team members at ‘fishing your way’ being an environmental ecologist (BSc) leads to further questions; is something else affecting the movement patterns and location of these fish?

He writes…

All lakes in the UK can be broken down and viewed in 3 distinct layers; this breaking down into layers is known as ‘lake stratification’. Anglers, you need to know this stuff!

The 3 different layers of the lake each have different temperatures; this difference in water temperature is caused by a change in outside temperature which changes throughout the year.

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