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By Fishing your way, Apr 9 2014 11:53PM

Here is the most successful rig and bait combination that we fish with during April and May on lakes. We have started using the same rig this year and once again we are catching carp where others are not. We wanted to share this carp catcher with visitors to our site.

This fishing tackle set-up is simple, but very effective and here’s why...

Firstly, from the picture you can see that the hook bait is sat over the fishing hook to help to conceal it. The fishing bait we have used is Mainline’s Hi-Visual fruit-tella pop-up. Is it the pink boilie? Is it the boilie size? Is it the boilie scent? Perhaps it’s all 3. But it works!

Please don’t think that we actually fish this over gravel because we don’t. At this time of year we find a silt patch to fish on so the braid isn’t bouncing up from the deck and spooking the fish. It will work on gravel but you do risk spooking fish due to hook length line and how it will lay.

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