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Fishing tackle - Our most successful April & May rig & bait combo

By Fishing your way, Apr 9 2014 11:53PM

Here is the most successful rig and bait combination that we fish with during April and May on lakes. We have started using the same rig this year and once again we are catching carp where others are not. We wanted to share this carp catcher with visitors to our site.

This fishing tackle set-up is simple, but very effective and here’s why...

Firstly, from the picture you can see that the hook bait is sat over the fishing hook to help to conceal it. The fishing bait we have used is Mainline’s Hi-Visual fruit-tella pop-up. Is it the pink boilie? Is it the boilie size? Is it the boilie scent? Perhaps it’s all 3. But it works!

Please don’t think that we actually fish this over gravel because we don’t. At this time of year we find a silt patch to fish on so the braid isn’t bouncing up from the deck and spooking the fish. It will work on gravel but you do risk spooking fish due to hook length line and how it will lay.

We bait up with a free offering of about 20 – 30 boilies scattered close to the target area.

The details of the fishing rig:

You don’t have to use the exact fishing tackle brand materials we do, so use what you are most confident with – they should all work.

We use a size 8 hook, always in wide gap style.

We put a piece of silicon tube on the hook to help with the hook hold in teh fishes mouth.

We attach a bb sized split shot between the fishing hook and fishing bait. This keeps the boilie balanced and the fishing hook flat to the deck. Test this out in the shallow margin water before casting out. If the hook doesn't lay flat then you need a heavier split shot.

We keep our hook length to about 5 inches and very importantly we use braid that is 15lb in weight and keep the plastic coating on it.

We have also used an anti-tangle sleeve. The sleeve and the plastic coating help reset the rig when a fish moves it. This is vital.

We use the safety lead clips, swivels, link clips and anti-tangle sleeves all from the q-dos range that we supply.

So there it is, fishing tackle done simple but effective! Really do give this rig a go during April and May and see what it does for you. Sometimes simple is the way forward. The right colour at the right time of year whilst concealing the hook has been working for us... you might be surprised by the results!

Apr 13 2014 08:07PM by Chris Thompson

Oh my God. At the lake right now... One carp in 3 sessions so far. Fished this set-up for 1 day so far and have had 5 carp and my pb tench at 7lb 3oz. Well chuffed :)

Apr 14 2014 12:41PM by Rob

I use the same set up but not the tutti frutti. I don't know why but but they work really well. Thanks for the tip guys

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