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Mistral bait vampire squid boilies fishing bait for anglers

Mistral Instant Range

Mistral bait pure pineapple boilies fishing bait for anglers Mistral bait Coconut ice fishing bait boilies for anglers Mistral bait kriller boilies fishing bait for anglers Mistral bait tropicana boilies fishing bait for anglers Mistral bait tutti frutti boilies fishing bait for anglers

Vampire Squid

Pure Pineapple


Coconut Ice

Tutti Frutti


Mistral bait purple plum boilies fishing bait for anglers

Purple Plum

Bulk Buy Your Bait

We can take care of all the bait you need! Let us customise your order so you get exactly what you want - hassle free & delivered to your door. Just call us on 07814886218 and we'll do just that!

4 Season Range

Mistral bait 4 season tange boilies fishing bait for anglers

This mix has everything that a carp both needs in its diet and more importantly is highly attracted too. From the high quality Liver Powders and special Yeasts that make this bait highly active, the inclusion of the finest seaweed and wheat-germ for texture and absorption of the natural attractors, to the best Chilli powder to give it that kick that carp like so much.


The mix is based around being used all year round, highly digestible, with no fishmeal content, it also has a high percentage of Hemp Oil which we all know carp just love, we have also included actual hemp kernels to make it that bit different to anything else out there.


Add to this sugars for energy and taste, coupled with the attractor package of three tried and tested natural essential oils rather than harsh chemical flavours and you have an all year round bait that I'm extremely proud of that will catch carp on any venue both here and anywhere in the world.

Day Ticket Range

The Day Ticket range was designed with instant attraction in mind, the inclusion of quality krill powder, minerals, sugars and a really smooth coconut attractor makes the krill & coconut Day Ticket range instantly attractive to carp on all venues. If you are out for a few hours or a weekend session the Krill & Coconut will draw fish into the swim with its high levels of attractants and feed stimulants, added to this the orange colour of the boilie that is very visual at any time of the year makes this my number one boilie when targeting day ticket waters.

Mistral bait day ticker range boilies fishing bait for anglers

Are you planning long session to somewhere in the UK? Are you going away to Europe? Or are you just simply stacking up on bait for this season?  


Whatever you are doing we know that it can get expensive and we have the simple, no hassle solution for you that will work out cheaper.


We supply boilies in 1kg and 5kg bags. We order the boilies in fresh for you. Simply give us a call on 07814 886218 and we can discuss options to suit your specific needs. Note that if you buy larger quantities the deals can get better so get your friends in with you. That's it!

We stock the complete Mistral Baits and Bag Em' Baits range so have a browse to see what's about.

http://www.mistralbaits.co.uk/  http://www.bagem.co.uk/

Advanced Carp Food Range

FM Boilies


LO30, Belachan and Squid meal are all superb carp attractors in their own right but blended together they turn good baits into exceptional baits. FM are naturally light brown in colour so offer the slightly washed out effect which can be so devastating when the fish are getting paranoid with bright baits. This one has been on the back burner for a long while and has caught from every venue it has been used on. Now it's your turn to try it.

Mistral bait FM boilies advanced carp food range fishing bait for anglers

i40 Red boilies


The i40 has been an incredibly successful bait for many anglers who are good enough to spot a winner. There are always exceptions, but carp in most waters hit on the i40 instantly. Tim Wagner and Duncan Arrandale have appeared in the angling press on many occasions with 30lb plus commons from Farriers.


What is different? Robin Red has been part of many Mistral products for many years and the i40 RED has generous amounts of this quite brilliant fish attractor within its skin. Add to this an increased dose of eastern spices that make this bait taste awesome. Being a darker colour many anglers may prefer this to the standard i40 if they have been bothered by waterfowl.

Mistral bait i40 red boilies advanced carp food range fishing bait for anglers

i40 boilies


i40Lake records, huge hauls of 20s and 30s, and even English mirrors over 50 lb and commons of 45 lb-plus all within weeks of being put out to limited field testers… Mistral’s i40 is nothing short of explosive!


When an angler of the experience and reputation of Tim Wagner comes to you with an idea for a bait, you listen. Twinned with Mistral’s 22 years of experience sourcing the best additives and machining the most attractive and nutritional baits the end result was always going to be special – but quite how special we had no idea until indicators started smacking into rod butts everywhere it was taken.


Totally carp friendly and using three types of nuts and a blend of birdfoods to create a nutritious, digestible and attractive alternative to the heavily used fishmeals of today i40 has a beautiful blend of natural sweetness with a spicy edge. With a taste and smell like a sweet nutty toffee Allan calls it Spicy Hob Nobs.

Mistral bait i40 boilies advanced carp range fishing bait for anglers

SLR (Squid & Liver)


We took our Live R and set about making it better. Not an easy job considering this bait caught carp from the off and has continued to do so since its release. The natural liver extracts used in this bait are amongst the very best attractors available anywhere but we have added several little extras that just seem to make it better. The main difference that you will notice is the Squid essence that slightly over powers the natural liver extracts but not by too much. Both attractors dissipate really well into the water allowing fish to pick up on them instantly. Not only do we reckon it is top notch but the Carpology tank tests confirmed it - SLR came out on top when compared with other attractors on the market.


The base mix is probably just as important as the attractors in a long term bait and you wont go far wrong with this one - Liver powder, blood haemoglobin, meat meals, fish meals and micronised cereals along with selected oils and of course the great attractors.

Mistral bait squid and liver boilies advanced carp food range fishing bait for anglers